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What are Microbes ?

This is a very interesting and very important topic. Microorganisms are a small group of organisms that control all the basic processes on earth. Basically, bacteria, fungi, and bacteria are known as microorganisms. And that science is the microbiology. However, these types of microbes do not include viruses, prions and viroids, since they are not known to be inanimate.

Today humans across the world are facing fatal challenges. Arising new global pandemic diseases, resistance for antibiotics and changes of ecosystems are taken place among them. Therefore studying of Microorganisms is getting increased these days. Because most of the recoveries for them are depending on the inventions in microbiology

Robert Hooke is the scientist who first coined the term microorganisms in 1666. And he first observed fungal cells. In 1658 Antonie van Leeuwenhoek studied microorganisms using a microscope built by himself. He drew very definite notes on protozoa, fungi and bacteria. Subsequently, microbiology progressed rapidly. Therefore, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek is regarded as the father of microbiology. And scientists such as Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch‘s age called the golden age of microbiology. Microbiology came through a longer path to its success. Today it becomes a most important field to the world

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what are microbes

Basic Microbiology

Under this section you will be able to understand basic introduction of the microbiology.

what are microbes

Taxonomy of Bacteria

By referring this section you will be able to gain knowledge of few most common families of Bacteria kingdom.

what are microbes

Taxonomy of Viruses

By visiting this section you will be able to gain knowledge of few most common families of Viruses.

what are microbes

Plant Pathology

Under this topic we will explore the diseases in plants caused by pathogens and environmental conditions.

Microbial Genetics

By referring this section you will be able to gain knowledge of DNA replication, transcription & translation and regulation of prokaryotic gene expression.

Microbial Biochemistry

Under this topic we will study how biochemical behave inside bacterial cells; bacterial respiration pathways and etc.